Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Portions on Notice: Random Cutting on Aug. 11 at Zebulon

On Aug. 11, Random Cutting, Alien Whale, and a Once-a-year project featuring Mick Barr of Orthrelm, the bassist of Child Abuse, and a third member, also of another band, all played at the Williamsburg, Brooklyn bar called Zebulon, a haven for psych-freaks, and those who think in the language of Free Jazz.

Random Cutting

Heartache is a monestary.
Adventure: Excitement
Enlightenment by way of Roller Coaster: every move is permanent, like bodies flashed over themselves in times, two pictures of infinity on the same film. His guitar is a hive of bees performing Buddhist chants. It’s an organ throat-singing. It’s reverberations contemplating its own existence, its distance revealed as embodied, faith that every idea is a good one, repetition as a vehicle for truth, the cosmos contained in a bar called Zebulon, living proof that this time and place is a product of our imaginations and so must be real.

Lock-step march. The SS is patrolling the galaxy, commands issued in static across the stars, fed to tiny receptors impanted in the brain.

You did this to us. NOW WE ARE WAKING! THE NEW ONES ARISE! AND THEY CAN’T SEE WHERE THEY’RE GOING! We obliterated the sighs, and left dust cascading.

New Project: Once-a-year by Shea, Barr, and Dahl

Music as hyper-litter. Songs with all the notes filled in with other notes. No one is left out. Your favorite song is probably in this mess somewhere. Electric regurgitating godlike hyper-silence, pan-tone wonder. Keep atop the rook filled with carrion crows with vibrating eyes that contain a thousand galactic loads from the forebears of whiskey and tree bark. This is what reading sounds like in nightmares. This music acts like real fire: burning indiscriminately, the detritus and the monolithic alike; fire that burns the fuel rods and lady slippers. Music for starving vultures that looks like my handwriting. If you find it frightening when...then you haven’t got the guts. Get out. Right now. I’m cowardly and grateful for a mammoth stomp because it’s got rhythm. Pussy.


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